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Lean Maintenance for Manufacturing

Organizations in the existing economy face, not only the challenges of a globally competitive marketplace, but also the challenges of continuously improving technology, more complex machinery, and a workforce whose skills must continually change and improve to be competitive. Competition for our customers, as well as our workforce, is at an all time high. There is no room for mediocrity. The focus on quality, costs and customer service has led us to neglect equipment and the processes and skills necessary to maintain and continually improve those processes and equipment.

Organizations all over the world are increasing quality and cutting costs through the implementation of Lean Manufacturing Processes. Successful Lean Manufacturing implementations depend upon outstanding equipment reliability. Implementation of Lean Maintenance concepts is a necessity for success. This methodology of utilizing the entire workforce in a joint effort of asset management has led to some astonishing results, benefiting many organizations on their way to becoming World Class competitors.

Manufacturing Solutions International believes that improving asset effectiveness is a key factor in achieving business success. In order to achieve this, companies must focus the entire workforce on improvement. Continuous improvements in equipment Availability, Performance and Quality output can only be achieved through a combined effort and education of management, engineering, maintenance and operations within the organization.

MSI offers a number of workshops and services designed to improve communication, transfer skills and knowledge, build on business processes in place within the organization, and provide the tools needed for successful implementation of a Pro-Active, Reliability Centered, Effectively Managed Culture.

MSI pragmatic solutions for today